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EMPTY "The Last Breath of My Mortal Despair" LP


from nebular carcoma

Animus Mortis/Empty-Invocations from the Innominate Void tape

Atravilis/Negativa-MMXV 7ep

from nebular carcoma

Cryptic Wanderings/In The Shades split 7ep

Amnion/Balmog-Grim Repulse of the Southern Lodge 7ep

Dughpa-s/t vinyl

Them Teeth-Erstwhile tape

from Ætergap

Funeral Mourning - Descent 10 mlp
From Goatowa rex,limited to 100
Australian suffocating funeral doom metal from Desolate (ill omen, temple nightside...)

Dämonenblut-Die Rückkehr des Bösen 7ep
3 satanic songs destroy any religion.
limited edition 333 copies.
comes with sticker.

The tape compiles 'Chaos III', originally released in 2010 on a split CD with Lotus Circle, 'Chaos IV', originally released in 2012/2013 on LP and CD by Discipline (tape also includes the bonus track from the CD), and the never before released 'Chaos V', which was originally intended for another split release that didn't come to fruition. 11 tracks, 75 mins. C80 chrome cassette with photocopied cover.

Absolutus-Pugnare in iis Quae Obtinere Non Possis TAPE
New album clocking just over 33 minutes, however it requires much more time to absorb all the layers carefully composed into it. No wonder it took many years to materialize (among other reasons). Dissonance is key here (think Blut Aus Nord, Deathspell Omega,..) and it's well balanced with both dark ambient and metal parts. You will find a more matured band on here; check on youtube but get the tape to experience the full warm sound from your speakers.

Double sided, pro-printed booklet, black cassettes

Moonblood "Blut & Krieg/Sob a lua do bode" CD 2014
12 page booklet, lenght about 74 min, contains the "Blut & Krieg" and "Sob a lua do bode" sessions plus an extra track of the same session mastered by Patrick Engel from the original DAT Tapes, factory sealed CD

Moonblood "Dusk Woerot/Taste our german steel!" CD 2014
12 page booklet, lenght about 67 min, contains the "Dusk Woerot" Demo and "Taste our german steel!" album plus an extra track of the same session mastered by Patrick Engel from the original master tapes, factory sealed CD

Moonblood "Of lunar passion and sombre blood" CD 2015
12 page booklet, lenght about 57 min, contains 2 complete studio sessions from August 1998 and September 1996 mastered by Patrick Engel from the original DAT tapes, factory sealed CD

Moonblood "The winter falls over the land" Demo/CD 2015
8 page booklet, lenght about 58 min, contains the "The winter falls over the land" Demo 1995 and a studio session from September 1995, mastered by Patrick Engel from the original DAT tapes, factory sealed CD

Azaxul "Horned Furies" Demo CD 2015
Pro-CD with 8 page booklet + sticker, contains an extra track, lenght about 47 min, features recordings from 2002, mixed 2006 at Reichsmusikkammer Ruppertsgrün, drums played by M.K. of Katharsis, mastered by Patrick Engel, 500 copies, factory sealed CD

Ensom Skogen/Forgotten Spell/Moonblood - Split CD 2015
"Flammenwut/Aesthetics of the necromantic manifestation/The unholy"
Split CD with 3 raw german underground Black Metal bands, lenght about 65 min, features exclusive recordings of all bands, the Ensom Skogen part are re-recorded versions of their 2nd Demo, the Moonblood part features in this form 2 previously unreleased Demo tracks from 1999, factory sealed CD

EOLE "Here and Now" cd
Members of Eole Noir and Nartvind (Belgium)
present their new project called EOLE.
"Here and Now" (52 min) is progressive and
experimental Neo Folk music. Don't expect something usual...

Dark Fury - carnivore 7"EP

Visions of the Dead Serpent
The lyrics of Circle of Ouroborus BOOK
A selection of CIRCLE OF OUROBORUS lyrics from 2006 to unknown aeons.
All Finnish lyrics translated. Softcover book, 100 A5 pages.
second edition

RIHARC SMILES - Last green days of summer LP
RAUHNACHT - Vorweltschweigen LP
Alpine black metal


Dark Ages - "Rabble, Whores, Usurers" LP
Fourth and final album from this medieval Ukranian entity. From the mastermind behind bands such as Hate Forest, Drudkh and Blood Of Kingu; Dark Ages fixates on Roman Saenko's passion for dark keys and ambience, wittling a deadly disease ridden atmosphere that has it's foundation more so in True Black Metal than many of the other guitar, bass and drum copy-cats bands in the underground today. Limited to 300 copies on Black Vinyl with professionally printed and glued sleeves. Co-released with Legion Blotan

Satanic warmaster-strength and honour lp
Remastered edition nh

COMMAND (Bra) - Sturmangriff LP
-A Definite cult album finally on vinyl!! This has everything you hate
in NSBM: very raw sound, strong Oi!/RAC influence, Third Reich samples,
weird drumsound, rough Capricornus style vocals and an Absurd cover
song! This includes the same material as the sought after
2004 CD on Totenkopf Propaganda, featuring the legendary
"Kulturkampf" demo from 1999. Just a slight remastering and re-editing
for vinyl + faithfully restored artwork. Limited edition on black vinyl,
comes with a lyricsheet.


Raw & melodic Black Metal from Albion, Side A features the final two tracks from
the Spring/Summer sessions Of MMXIII entitled "To Bear the Marks of Time" Side B
features the first recordings of Autumn entitled "Chronicles in the Bark"
Uncompromising recordings once more from FG. Recorded onto four analogue tracks
with no frills or pretence.
For those who know what to expect in the repertoire of FG, Raw & simplistic material.
Five tracks in total spanning roughly 35 minutes. Limited to 100 copies, no represses.

Raw Black Metal from Albion. The first recording from the Autumn sessions of MMXIII.
Recorded to four analogue tracks between late September & early November.
For those who know what to expect in terms of FOREST GRAVE... Raw & simplistic Black Metal.
Three tracks spanning 21 minutes. Limited to 100 copies, no represses.

The second split from both Forest Grave & Arete.
Featuring three additional tracks from Arete... taken from the MMXI sessions.
Forest Grave brings a new track to the split; expect the formidably minimal approach from both projects.
Four tracks in total spanning nearly 25 minutes. Limited to 100 copies, no represses.


Varg/Taranis - The Winds Houl and the Forest Whispers split tape

Varg - Meine Ehre Heisst Treue tape




Ormgård - Ormblot LP
Dark Teutonic Ambient and Black Metal Art.



Taranis - wotan & baldur tape
promo/compilation of experimental tracks


Satanic Warmaster / Evil
Southern / Carelian - Black Metal Holocaust tape


Acoustic sounds from the moors?
LÖNNDOM is unique in it's own way, creating tunes beyond the average society.


SELBSTMORD "Aryan Voice Of Hatred" 7"EP


Tatir-Cave of Ephyras... To the Infernal Fields gatefold lp

- TATIR full collection of tracks now out !
Compilation of both demos DARK AUTUMN NIGHTS (1995) and FONS ACHERONIS (1996), as well as the unreleased CAVE OF EPHYRAS... TO THE INFERNAL FIELDS EP (1996) of this occult Hellenic Black Metal band !!! In the total same vein as Rotting Christ, Varathron and Kawir from the same era, this band rules !!!! Their discography is short, everything is now contained in this gatefold LP, a real gem proudly released by Forgotten Wisdom Prod !


THE TRUE WERWOLF "Battlemoon" 7" Ep 2nd Press on PURPLE vinyl


Mirkhall - "Like Wolves - Like Heathens" CD
Barbaric, hateful and wolfish Black Metal

Drowning the Light - "The Longing" CD
Primitive, raw, melancholic and haunting Black Metal

Mutiilation - "Majestas Leprosus" CD
Morbid, sick, rotten, depressive and evil Black Metal

Eternum - "Veil of Ancient Darkness" CD
Hateful, barbaric and epic Black Metal

Mutiilation - "Destroy your life for Satan" CD
Hateful, depressive, raw black metal

Forest Mysticism - "Blood of the Woodland" CD
Raw, majestic, epic and breathtaking Black Metal

Drowning the Light - "Catacombs of Blood" CD
Cruel, melancholic and majestic Black Metal

Mutiilation - "Remains of a Ruined, Dead, Cursed Soul" CD
Dirty, rotten, vile and melancholic black metal

Black Funeral - "Empire of Blood" CD
Vampyric, medieval, dark & oppressive Black Metal

Mutiilation - "Black Millenium (Grimly reborn)" CD
Vile, manic depressive, hateful and melancholic masterpiece

Mutiilation - "Vampires of Black Imperial Blood" CD
Raw, vampiric, ugly and melancholic black metal


Dead Reptile Shrine - Burning Black Infinity cd
2nd album finally available on cd!
77minutes of Shamanic ritual demon worship and some
of the most obscure black metal underground recordings
to be ever heard


"Drowning in the Vampyric Sacrament of the Immortals" CD
Séance Records presents a sanguine sacrament of Vampyric Black Metal. The diabolical union of raw lunar energy & nocturnal atmosphere borne on the wing of night creatures in the order of this special split release featuring Drowning the Light of Australia & Vampyric Blood of Finland. Seven songs compose a full length libation
of eerie black metal darkness, creeping like undead shadows at dusk. Rise to this crepuscular crescendo of the immortal undead and do not miss out on this strictly limited release!
Only 1000 copies to be unearthed before the coffin lid closes forever…



Dark Fury - Saligia lp

bbh parches


Circle of Ouroborus "Pehmeät Kasvot" tape
Noisy and melancholic metal

Venus Star "Wild Grains & Turningheads" tape
Primitive black/death metal


GOATMOON (Fin) - Son of the Northwind MCD
National romantic Black Metal

STORMHEIT (FIN) - Syksy Sieluni Yössä 7"EP
Pure finnish pride! With their earlier works heavily influenced by
"viking era" Bathory, this little piece of vinyl among with their
new Chronicon Finlandiae album shows them progressing to more finnish sound.
Two exclusive songs in 15 minutes, limited to 300 copies on black vinyl only!

Slow Black Metal torment from Germany, inspired by Abruptum and Burzum.
One song clocking near 30 minutes, most extreme Black Metal not for the weak.


Atra - Of Demise, Evil & Necromancy cd
(This is a compilation of the first 4 of Atra's demos, Including the private ones unavailable for the public until now, This compilation is for those maniacs who missed out,This is ultimately your last chance to hear these works of Rotten, Melancholic and vile Black Metal! The essence of evil & melancholy created by Blackheart of Drowning the Light and in the vein of cult bands such as Mutiilation! Limited to 500 copies!)

Austere - To Lay Like Old Ashes cd
(Austere's 2nd full-length album grazes the face of the earth with a collection of melancholic, despair ridden bleak music. For we all live in a delusion... As life holds nothing but DEATH!)

Ill Omen - Divinity Through Un-creation cd
(The debut full-length ritual of Occult, Australian Black Metal Esoterica!
Crafted during the year of 2011, Ushering 9 psalms of obscure, Un-earthly doctrine to conjure infinite sorrow's upon the earth!Rejoice in bloodshed! Birth-rite divine, Birth-rite of DEATH! O.A.A)

Oremus - Popioly (Ashes) - Deluxe 6 Panel Digi-pack
(Ascend! Pestilence and decay swarms the rotting earth, To veil the hands of time and light. POPIOLY (Ashes) A journey through DEATH un-returned! To inherit the gift devilry and devotion,Onwards to the un-bringing of the sunlight sphere, To worship the icons of demise and to craft an incantation of end in every form! HIS will has been answered! Bow down, Ye feeble men, And behold...
THE TRIUMPH OF DEATH!!! Features perveyors of the Polish Black Metal cult Blaze of Perdition, Presented on a deluxe 6 panel digi-pack and adorned with stunning artwork by Kontamination Design.)

Temple Nightside - Prophecies of Malevolence cd/lp
(Dark, Ritualistic Black / Death Metal from the depths of the australian underground! Vinyl version released by NUCLEAR WINTER RECORDS (Greece)

Blaze of Perdition - The Heirophant - Pro-Cassette + Patch
(Blaze of Perdition conjure 9 new prayers of Aggressive, Dark and harrowing Occult Black Metal doctrine! After their most excellent debut "Towards the Blaze of Perdition" (Tape/Patch version also released by Adverse Order Music)
The 6 icons of devilry and death incarnate bring us a new dark opus not to be missed! This album was mixed and mastered by Tore Stjerna at Necromorbus Studio. A real must for fans of the Scandinavian sound and musically akin to Dissection,
Watain, Emperor and Deathspell Omega yet having a clear direction of their own and a natural continuation from their debut album. "The Heirophant" both musically and visually shall take you on a journey... As Above... So Below...Pro-cassette + High quality 'Baphomet' patch. Limited to 100 copies)

Serpent Noir - Sanguis XI - Pro-Cassette
(Serpent Noir was spawned by the true dark magick, infused with and awakened by the power of the Draconian Current. The true followers of the Left Hand Path, Serpent Noir chose Black / Death Metal as its vessel and thus shines in its destructive grace, representing the Cult of Black Metal as it was meant to be! This is a channel of Qliphotic energies unto this world. The Dragon, rising within, unchained and raging! Invocations of the Black Sun. The Alchemy of the
Black shimmering Diamond. Black Magick, manifesting in a form of Ritualistic Black Death and channeling the chaotic essence of Sitra Ahra into this world! Previously released on compact disk by Daemon Worship Records (USA)!
This Adverse Order Music edition comes as a pro-cassette with special gold metallic print! Featuring Michayah of OFERMOD & NEFANDUS and Kostas of EMBRACE OF THORNS & NECROVOROUS)